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About Us

      We started Legacy Leather LLC at the beginning of this year. My husband is an alligator farmer, and I have a degree in natural resources. We started this business so that we could sell American Alligator leather at a more affordable price, and being associated with the alligator farm allows us to do that. I'm passionate about conservation, so a portion of our profits are donated to a non-profit organization, the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. This organization works to protect our state's wetlands by doing things like planting grasses and trees.  Protecting our wetlands plays a huge part in alligator conservation.

About Our Business


     At Legacy Leather LLC, we sell genuine, tanned American Alligator leather to everyday people. Alligator leather is very versatile and can be used for wallets, watch straps, shoes, jewelry and more.

     We use hides from sustainably and ethically harvested alligators that are grown in and native to Louisiana. Our farm raised skins come from alligator farmers that collect wild eggs, grow the alligators, and release a percentage of what they hatch back into the wild.  This process has greatly contributed to the American Alligator being taken off the endangered species list.  Our wild skins are sustainably harvested from marsh areas in Louisiana.

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